Good roasting oil.


We give you our earnest devotion starting from the hands of farmers

Seowondang, located in Gangwon-do, one of the cleanest areas in Korea, is the second generation.
It is a food manufacturer that produces sesame oil and perilla oil (vegetable oil) by insisting on 100% domestic sesame through direct cultivation and contract cultivation of sesame seeds.

In particular, it is a company that aims to create a market for products that can maximize the effectiveness by mixing them with various natural materials as superfoods with many nutrients such as natural tocopherol and omega-3 fatty acids.

In addition, it is supplied to various school cafeterias in Gangwon-do, so children who can eat healthy and safe.

Clean area in Gangwon-do, Wonju in Gangwon-do,
It's made by HACCP certified manufacturing facility.

By introducing a clean process by blocking hazards in advance and producing them as a HACCP process,
We will continue to try to maintain good quality.



Logo story.

Logo logo , the symbol of Seowondang, means that 100% of the ingredients are used in Korea.
The pointed circle is the actual shape of sesame seeds.
The round circle below represents the actual shape of perilla seeds.
And it was expressed in the sense of giving good quality products with the goal of 'newly squeezed fresh oil.'

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