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At Gangwon Province.



Sesame and perilla will have rich taste and flavor when grown in an environment with great differences in daily temperature. Gangwon-do is a such a place so that sesame and perilla from the region is acknowledged as of the highest quality. Seowondang uses only sesame and perilla from Gangwondo’s clean area.

Good condiment is similar to restorative

Products from Seowondang are from nature that stimulate your appetite while improving you and your family’s health beyond tastes and flavors

Seowondang History

2013. Established Seowondang

2013. Built a directly managed factory

2015. Opened Seowondang website

2015. Disabled certification company

2016. Signed export contract with USA and Canada

2016. Started selling in Korea’s major online mall

2017. Contracted with Gangwon Hoengseong

2017. Export contract with Japan

2017. Approval of Agricultural Agricultural Products Certification Mark of Gangwon Province

2017. Agriculture and Rural Business(6th industry) Certification Approvals

2017. Venture Business Certification

2017. Patent application

2017. Trademark registration (Domestic 2 cases, Oversea 1 case)

2018. Company that enters the MND Welfare Agency

2018. China, Taiwan signed $ 300,000 MOU

Company Certification

Business Partners

Seowondang sends only just made oil to customers. They are made upon orders, so they are indicated with manufactured date instead of expiration date

Effects of perilla oil and raw perilla oil

Omega 3, fatty acid (mostly linolenic acid), consists of more than 60% of the oil. It lowers the cancer rate, cholesterol level, and is effective for brain development, blood circulation, skin care and prevention of anemia. Along with linseed oil, raw perilla oil is globally praised as [super oil]. In Japan, raw perilla oil is taken as a nutritional supplement. As it improves our body’s natural healing power, it’s called natural food Raw perilla oil, unlike general perilla oil, is made without heat so that yielded small amounts and a few spicy, but it is recommended for its nutritional aspects.

Effects of Sesame oil

Sesame oil holds fabulous nutritional profile. It is full of Lignan, a unique antioxidant material which prevents or delays oxidation, and this helps preventing human aging. Sesame oil is also effective for anti-aging, preventing of hair loss and blood circulation.

Seowondang GOT(Fresh Oil) Series

Seowondang GOT(Fresh Oil)

Raw perilla Oil

170ml / 250ml

Seowondang GOT(Fresh Oil)

Perilla Oil

170ml / 250ml

Seowondang GOT(Fresh Oil)

Sesame Oil

170ml / 250ml

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